Valentine's Day Suggestions

Today is one of MY personal favorite, non holiday, holidays! It's my BIRTHDAY! It's my BIRTHDAY! AYYE!  Growing up, every year, my mom would gift me with a heart shaped box of chocolates, and proudly reminded me that I was her first Valentine's gift and, forever sweetheart. Heart melting, right. I never realized the importance of this gesture and her words until I was older, moved to a different city and stopped being able to spend my birthday with her and my immediate family. When  I left home, it also meant that I stopped receiving those box of chocolates. Hey, and mom bought the good stuff, the name brand stuff. Either way, her gesture made me feel uber special and loved. 

Just between us girls, for years I loathed the fact that my birthday fell on the corniest calendar holiday of the year. Don't get me wrong, taking time out to acknowledge and love on your bae is SUPER important, heck, necessary. Personally, I don't think that acknowledgment should be relegated to one day a year. In fact, I think baes should be loved and celebrated all year long. (See future bae....I got you...). On the reverse, I hope my future bae gifts me flowers on any day of the year. (See future bae, I know you got me!) Nonetheless, my birthday was always over shadowed by the commercialism of the "holiday", which seemed to be measured by gifts, flowers and marriage proposals. Nonsense.

Over the years, I have gradually gravitated away from celebrating Valentine's Day, and instead started focusing solely on celebrating my birthday, and using the day to love on myself. 

So, for those, who like me, are either celebrating a birth date, or just celebrating yourself, here are a few things you can do to enjoy the day:

1.  Olivia Pope it at home - Gourmet style. Obviously, since I was born on one of the busiest restaurant days of the year, I no longer try to make reservations that day. Instead, I experiment with exotic, gourmet ingredients and enjoy a nice, Olivia Pope sized glass...all within the comfort of home. I save the restaurant outing for the weekend following my birthday. In most cases, the crowds are much smaller.

2. Invite some gal pals over for fun and games. I love the idea of celebrating women, and who doesn't enjoy good old fashioned girl time! Plus, your girlfriends can be good for your soul.

3. Spend the day celebrating you. If that means getting a massage, your hair done, taking the day off work, binging on Netflix episodes...DO THAT! Heck, show yourself some love and enjoy a nice hot bath with cnadles.